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AAG Agri-Index Overview

In late 2000 AAG began a study which involved tracking the performance of public companies within the agribusiness sector as a gauge to the relative performance of this industry compared with the rest of the business world.


The AAG Agri-Index tracks the listed agribusiness stocks on the ASX against various other indices including the All Ordinaries.

Encompassing industries from grain to wine-grapes, forestry to livestock production, chemical and fertilizer to food manufacturing and seafood to horticulture, the AAG Agri-Index represents the relative performance of all sectors in the agribusiness economy through the Index of just over 50 listed entities from daily share price change as seen on the ASX.

Despite well publicized challenges in agribusiness in recent times, the underlying message from the Agri-Index is that the best of agribusiness investment is not only resilient but comparatively profitable when matched against industrial markets from across the world, a point which AAG believes holds true for the top 25% of all Australian agribusiness.

The Agri-Index and AAG’s supporting commentary can be easily accessed through a free subscription e-newsletter released quarterly, with supporting key e-updates during the year. Over the last 12 months the AAG Agri-Index has also made regular appearances in a variety of agribusiness and mainstream media and is building momentum in its goal to promote knowledge, investment and success in Australian agribusiness.