Investment Research

AAG is the leader in the research of agribusiness investments we provide the largest volume of high quality research on the agribusiness Managed Investment Schemes (MIS) sector in Australia . AAG has also commenced researching listed agribusiness equities.

There are a large variety of agri investments available with a broad range in quality. Choosing which product is of investment grade standard is not an easy task for investors or financial planners. AAG’s investment research and ratings can assist in that process.

AAG’s MIS research process is in three parts – Part A Corporate Governance Review, Part B Track Record Review and Part C Project review.

AAG has an alliance with William Buck to undertake the independent corporate governance review of the product manager. AAG undertakes the track record and project reviews internally. The combined report provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the quality of the investment offering, the management team and company in charge of the investment.

AAG’s secure website is accessible by financial planners and industry participants and holds a huge amount of information, including:

  • All AAG’s current investment research reports
  • Ratings on products researched
  • Fundamental research on all MIS products
  • Sortable data tables to make it easier to compare products
  • A customisable table to compare just the products you are interested in
  • Market overviews on each of the major agri sectors (e.g. olives, almonds, woodchip)
  • End of year reports on the capital raised in the MIS industry
  • News and information